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the true exception
to time
Maturely young
The infinite freshness and the unique cellaring of Rare Champagne nourish its iconic purity and its eternal youth.

Like his predecessors, Régis Camus the most awarded Cellar Master of the century*, succeeds in transforming Rare Champagne into a wine of patience with an unlimited potential for expression. Time is no longer an obstacle but a benefit which emphasizes the personality of each vintage.

Blossoming year after year, Rare Champagne expresses an elegant style: endless freshness, long-lasting minerality, with a radiant purity and subtle contrasts.


*Régis Camus, awarded 8 times "Champagne and Sparkling Winemaker of the Year" by the International Wine Challenge Jury since the beginning of the century.

Time calms the nervous Chardonnay from the Montagne de Reims region, and balances the Pinot Noir grapes.

Rare Champagne is fully recognizable by its notes of tropical fresh fruits and smooth spices, (sometimes crystallized), its smoky accents (expressing the minerality of Chardonnay on limestone) and its oriental and voluptuous harmonies.

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The true exception
to the rules
Revolutionary royal

The noble origin of Rare Champagne dates back to a tribute to Marie-Antoinette and expresses its revolutionary spirit fight against the trivialisation of vintages.

The true exception
to terroirs
& blending
Mastering nature

Rare Champagne transforms the obstacles of nature into an unrivalled champagne.

The true exception
To the emotions
A sensorial experience

Under the artistry of Régis Camus, Cellar Master, Rare Champagne appeals to the five senses.

Rare le secret
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